The Career Mastery Programme has been designed for Individuals seeking to master their career strategy with the view to better understand themselves, their value proposition and set a more meaningful and inspiring path forward.

This program is about reflection; an important self-examination of purpose, defining influences and experiences, and ultimately, what success really looks like for you.  The exercises are designed to surface fundamental truths that will help form your professional stories that demonstrate clarity of both personal and professional ‘value’ with absolute authenticity.

Exercises you will complete in this stage include:

  • Defining Purpose
  • Foundational Influences
  • Authenticity
  • Understanding Your Professional Timeline
  • Defining & Measuring Success
  • Career Plan on a Page

Why is Career Mastery Important?

As an executive search Partner and a career coach, I am continually amazed and surprised by the uniquely talented people I get to meet. They have passions, skills and experiences. Successes. Failures. Hopes. Fears. Jokes. Not so-funny jokes. Indeed, it is a humbling experience, and one of the greatest privileges one human can share with another. Their stories. It is also something I believe as humans, we take for granted, particularly in the context of career-making.  Everyone and I do mean everyone, has a compelling personal and professional story to tell. Unfortunately, most people have not considered (in detail) what it is, and perhaps just as importantly, how to tell it. I find this interesting. Why do you ask?  

Let me tell you…

Consider that as a candidate, our professional progression will often come down to how we perform during a multitude of 1-hour interviews. 1 hour of opportunity to share your experiences. To connect. To impress. Throughout our professional lives, each of us might average between 15 and 20 1-hour interviews that will define or shape our careers. In the great scheme of things, this is a minute investment of time for something that often defines (whether rightly or wrongly) our happiness, lifestyle, our financial position, or sense of worth. 

If being a good candidate equals a good life, why is developing the right skills and tools for excelling at job-hunting, not a higher priority? If I had my way this would be at the forefront of school, university, and corporate development curriculums worldwide. I find that as a collective, candidates will traditionally underestimate the investment or commitment required to showcase their potential at those critical junctures. Subsequently, candidates are not prepared and lack meaningful content that will demonstrate their experience or true, authentic value.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

Preparation is, without doubt, the biggest failure of candidates and condemns most to simply and inadvertently playing career lottery.  It also sidesteps an important and invaluable opportunity for a bit of self-reflection, and in my experience as a professional interviewer, the 'lack of' becomes pretty obvious, pretty quickly.  On the flip side, it is a privilege to listen to someone tell their professional story with absolute clarity, purpose, difference and authenticity.  Get it right and it is not difficult to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

In my opinion, 75% of your time and effort should be focused on stuff before you start applying for jobs - so it’s no coincidence that our mastery programs spend most of their time there.  The balance is simply executing on your game plan and refining accordingly. 

Of course, some of this work is not easy and may need support. Feel free to give me or one of our Partners a call to discuss (Details below). We can be as hands-on or as non-existent as you like.